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Commercial Loan Program for all CRE types

In our current market, the banks want everything perfect.....everything. This works for maybe 10% of the US market who have perfect buildings, tenants, financials, and equity. Basically, to get a bank loan with the bigger banks these days, you have to prove that the loan represents zero risk; otherwise they will show you the door.

So for the rest of us, what options do we have? 

Hard money is always there, ready and willing to fund your loan - at a steep cost however. Usually Hard money is over 9% in rate, with 4 points not uncommon.

Isn't there something in-between? For several years there was not, but gradually some companies are moving into this middle ground, and these programs offer a more affordable alternative to hard money.

Here is one of our favorite programs, available for all types of commercial properties:

  • LTV up to 85% of value
  • needs 700 credit score
  • property condition should be good to excellent (unless this is a rehab loan)
  • cash out possible but only for capital improvements (fund control)

Program is approved for industrial, retail, multi-family and apartment, mixed use, office buildings and parks, parking facilities, storage facilities, trailer parks and mobile home parks

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