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Apartment Loan program for Foreign Nationals (US Citizens also OK of course)

This is a new loan program, available in all 50 states, for qualified properties and individuals.

  • DSCR 1.30
  • Rate - varies. Usually 5 year fixed
  • Index 5 year Swap
  • Margin 2.70
  • Loan to Value - 55% (US citizens can go higher)
  • 4,3,2,1 prepayment penalty
  • 1-1.5 point fee (depends on credit and loan size)
  • must show source of funds
  • $750,000 minimum loan size

This is a truly a loan for many foreign investors:

  • No US taxes needed
  • No US credit report needed
  • Must document funds needed in US account
  • Non-recourse loan
  • Of course, if you have US taxes, US accounts, US credit, then we will consider a higher loan to value project


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