Bay Area Capital Funding Inc.

Apartment and Commercial Loans 


For California and the Western US (some restrictions apply)

We have numerous lenders with attractive rates, usually better than the big banks, with better security features and better service.

Sources include banks who do NOT require tax filings which means property underwriting does not include global cash flow analysis.

Other conduits are available with super competitive rates with NO PREPAYMENT PENALTY and low fees - California and Western USA - call today.

Rural non-primary market properties are typically fine, if the properties are well leased and managed, and in good condition.

We have a couple of lenders who offer interest only commercial mortgages, with good rates, which is unusual in this marketplace.

Our primary apartment lender (California only) now underwrites the property only, with no request for tax filings. This eliminates most "global cash flow" issues, which most banks underwrite. This same lender is an industry leader relative to rate and cost - in other words, they do not charge extra for not reviewing tax filings.

Failure to meet global cash flow and "strength of sponsor" rules is the single most common reason for a commercial loan denial.

In our current tight credit market, it is extremely challenging to secure an attractive commercial mortgage. Commercial lending has no "unifying force" such as Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Every lender has its own rules and requirements. They set their own rates and terms, guidelines and standards.

Understandably, one of the first questions we’re asked from potential commercial borrowers is “What will my interest rate be?” Unfortunately, that question cannot be accurately addressed until we understand your situation. We match you with the best possible lender with the best rate for your situation.

If you’re new to commercial real estate financing, you’ll want to get a firm understanding of the differences between a residential and commercial mortgage loan. Residential real estate uses a debt-to-income formula for judging your ability to repay a loan, while commercial loans are based on the debt coverage service ratio formula to qualify. This means that to qualify for a commercial loan, you’ll have to know what your projected and historBay Area Capital return on investment (ROI) will be when making a commercial property purchase or refinance. We can calculate these numbers for you.