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Which Refinancing Program is Right for You?

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When you are overwhelmed with all the options, it may be difficult to make the right choice! Contact us today at 650-631-1800 and we can work with you to qualify you for the perfect commercial loan for your financial needs. There are several questions to ask yourself while you look at the options.

Lowering Your Payments

Are getting better mortgage payments and a lower rate your main reasons for refinancing?

Refinancing to Cash Out

Is cash out your main reason for your refinance? This is important for us to know - right away.

Debt Consolidation

Perhaps you'd like to pull out some of the equity (cash out) to use toward other debt.

Switching to a Shorter Term Loan

Do you plan to build up equity more quickly, and to have your mortgage paid off sooner? Consider refinancing to a short-term loan. Your mortgage payments may be higher than they are now, but in exchange, you will pay considerably less interest and will build up equity more quickly.


Home Status Report

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