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We provide a wide assortment of comprehensive apartment financing programs.... Commercial Apartment loan programs range from private to conduit and portfolio loan programs. Bay Area Capital Funding Inc terms range from 5 to 10 years for stabilized and even unstable investment properties, with 25 and 30 year amortization terms. 

Our rates are competitive with the big banks, without the service issues, endless delays, flimsy excuses, and last minute changes.

We have a new product allows you to ADD a rehab component to your commercial loan. Additional funds SET ASIDE for rehab of property to renovate or improve property or even re-position units; must make sense and provide value to finished property. NO TAX returns needed usually and can apply to a purchase or refinance. Requires decent credit and good resume.

Apartment loans apply to projects from at least 5 units all the way up to luxury multi-unit high rise buildings. This category can also include single developments of multiple buildings. These properties are classified as type A, B, or C (A being the highest) based on quality, age, and amenities such as security, parking, and recreational facilities. Apartment loans can also include apartments used as student or senior housing. This category also includes “mixed” use, apartments over retail or offices where the residential comprises a significant portion of the property. 

For the last fifteen years the market has been controlled by the mid size to bigger banks, who were only “in theory” lending into the commercial market, but in reality fighting intensely over the same few assets that were performing strongly, at a low LTV, with perfection in both their personal (sponsor) financials, and tenant mix, tenant strength, vacancy, and debt coverage and LTV. The market has been difficult for so long that I barely remember what a normal market is like. Good files have been turned down routinely (but not by our company) over the last few years for all sorts of reasons; the most common reasons being:

· Strength of sponsor

· Stability


· Cash out

· Foreign National

- Global Cash flow

We have ways to deal with all of these issues, in many cases.

We now have established good relationships with several alternate lenders, and they have aggressive rates and manageable fees. They are not  hard money / private money commercial business exactly, but have positioned themselves perfectly so as to be able to compete with the banks, offer some still good options for loans that do not quite meet bank guidelines, and can still manage some decent pricing for commercial loans that are even somewhat “less than perfect” that used to be (over the last several years) forced to consider hard money loan options.

Assets in poor condition, with high vacancy, deferred maintenance, poor debt service coverage, and very poor sponsors will still need to look at hard money and private money……but the field is expanding and we have some very good options now that were not available until recently.

Apartment loans are a very important part of a very competitive sector of the commercial mortgage lending market. Lenders want your business; and are willing to compete for your loan. We create a competitive environment by using our technology and connections to shop your requests for financing multifamily unit apartment loans to many competitive lenders that specialize in this type of commercial real estate. 

Our primary goal is to be your source for the financing of apartment loans. We provide creative solutions for commercial real estate investors across the nation. If you need to refinance an existing property or you need purchase money - we can help structure the terms that most suitably meets your needs. 

Some Key Program Features Available:

• As low as 1.15 DSCR available in some cases
• No Lockout & No Prepayment Options Available
• Interest Only Options with some lenders
• Arm Programs Available
• Non-Recourse Loans Available
• Low Fixed Rates ranging on 5-10 Year loans with 25 and 30 Year amortized terms.
• Conduit Fixed-Rate and Floating-Rate Loans
• Fannie Mae Loans

Multifamily Apartment Loans are primarily for 5 or more units. However we do have access to some special programs for 1-4 unit income properties as well. Call for more details!

As a broker, Bay Area Capital Commercial Mortgage has access to loans from a wide variety of lenders. By contacting our company, you don't need to check with a large number of individual lenders. We do that.

General Apartment and Multi-family Loan Guidelines:

Purpose: Acquisition, Refinance, Construction, Renovation, 

Eligible Properties

Property should be in strong market sectors or at least show strong history of  performance. Strong sponsorship and management preferred.

Minimum Loan Size





Mid to large market sectors and small market sectors OK with strong operating history.

Loan Terms

5-10 year fixed terms with 25-30 year amortizations.



Personal Guarantees

Non-recourse and recourse (lender dependent)

Minimum DSC

1.10 to 1.25 (refer)

Third Party Reports

Phase One Environmental possible

Preliminary Submission

   lude the following in your request:

1. Summary with property description and location map 

2. Personal Financial statement

3. Representative color photographs

4. Current rent roll and year-to-date operating statement

5. Resume

6. Existing balance sheet

7. Current year operating statement

8. Operating history - prior 3 years, if available

9. Commercial Application

Apartment Loans Property Types

Apartment Buildings

Rehab Apartments

Apartments over Retail/Mixed Use

Senior Housing

Garden Apartments

Assisted Living

Corporate Apartments

Low    ome

Hi-Rise Apartments

Student Housing

Loan Types


Bridge Loans

Rate/Term Refinance


Cash-Out Refinance

A & D

Remodel / Renovation


Joint Ventures

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