Bay Area Capital Commercial

Bay Area Capital Commercial has a number of great sources for commercial hard money loans.

Most of these are private money lenders, and a few are considered institutional hard-money lenders. Rates range from the mid sevens to the high nines, typically.

Keep in mind that many clients who think they need hard money, actually do not. We don't like hard money, and neither should you - but sometimes we need it.

We will make every effort to keep our fees at 1-2 points; and we try to work with lenders and investors who charge only 2 points. If you have been quoted 6 or more points then you are likely paying too much. Our target rate is 8.25%

Presentation of difficult hard money loans is a specialty of ours and a key to our success in this era of high demand for private money.

Keep in mind that more documents translate into more competitive rate offers; less paperwork and documentation means the lender has to shut their eyes and fund – don’t expect great rates if you can’t provide some documentation. The more documents you can provide, the better – think income, assets, credit.

Please complete either the commercial (if 5+unit lot or lots) application provided.

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