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fix and flip program - low cost

If you are an experienced investor, then you probably know how expensive "fix and flip" loans can be. Plan on something in the range of 10% with four or more points. Not with us however.

As an alternative, we want to show you a program that does the same thing in most ways but with less expensive financing.

The investor that does these loans is willing to charge less, but in return they are looking for stronger projects that represent less risk. If we can demonstrate less risk then they are willing to provide a better rate. A good resume is very important.

  • Property Description:  Most non-owner property types
  • Loan Amount:  No less than $250,000
  • Loan Position: First Trust Deed
  • Loan to Value: 80% of appraised value (not purchase price) or after-completion value.
  • Interest Rate: 8.0%
  • Fee:  2-3 Points
  • Term:  30 Year Amortization / 2 Year Balloon
  • Prepayment Penalty:  None 
  • Property Location:  Metro or suburban California
  • Requires: Decent credit, good resume, cost to cure estimate, documentation of client income and assets (however the client is not expected to "debt service" the loan unless they plan to keep the property as an investment. If you plan to flip the property, then your income is not that important, however after completion sales comps would be needed.
  • Lender will also help with repair or remodel costs, up to 100% of repair costs IN ADDITION to the 80% of purchase price.
  • Home Depot discount available to qualified borrowers

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